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Reading Lines - Bethlehem Branch

Railroad Room Photos

Click on a photo to see a larger version.

Here is a shot of the railroad room just after moving in. We are looking into the room from the laundry area.

Here is another shot of the railroad room. This shot looks back in to the laundry room where the first shot was taken from.

Another shot of the same corner. After a few months of living in the house, the clutter was still down there.

A bit of destruction. The old, flimsy firring strip and paneling walls were torn down in one evening.

Another view of the corner leading to the laundry area. Note the stacked lumber leaning on the wall.

A shot of the stairs showing the wall in the process of being removed. Some of the clutter was still in the room during destruction.

The destruction is done and supplies for construction have arrived.

The studded wall for the storage and oil tank area is assembled.

Another view of the studded wall around the oil tank and storage area.