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Pictures From the Party
23 June 2001

It was easier to do this than to attach the images to an e-mail (non AOL users) or paste them into an e-mail (AOL users). Plus, this method allows me some creative freedom with my twisted sense of humor. Anyway, on to the pictures...

When do I ever put down those damn Martini glasses?
For the first image (I'm not going in any particular order here), I'll start with a photo of me and my beloved Martini glass. Remember, if you invite me to a party soon, it's heavy on the vodka and light on everything else.
Patsy puppy, the ultimate party puppy
Princess Patsy strikes a pose, there's nothing to it -
Who needs a flash on their camera???
Remember to always use the flash when taking photos outdoors and at night. As for the details, Michael and John are getting a bit "friendly" in the background, I have my Cosmo, Adam wishes someone would hide the camera and Eric tries to blend in to the shadows.
Boys and their toys...
   This one is going to be difficult to explain, but I'll try. Michael  seems  to think a bottle of Yuengling makes a good thing to suck on while Michele gets him from behind. Eric suggests that Michele may need a strap  on since  she lacks the "required" equipment.
Michael plays on his knees
Michael attempts to play a song on the CD player (I think he just likes being down on his knees).
Michael is still on his knees
Michael concentrates on finding that damn song and getting it to play (blondes and electronics - bad mix).

The "best" of friends
  Michele attempts to persuade Michael to stop using the word "cock" while  Adam just sits and day dreams about cock.
  The great persuader
   Patsy and John get friendly while Michele does some more persuading, this  time with Adam. Eric and Michael contemplate their drinks.
Michael in his element...
Michael attempts to figure out what is going on while "chef" John is in full kitchen bitch mode. Eric is offering one of the puppies a treat.
Gwenny helps herself to some more tortilla chips
Not content with just the one chip Eric offered, Gwenny helps herself to a few more from the bag on the table.
Highly intellectual talk
  Michael ponders tortilla chips while Michele expresses herself. Adam claps,  Eric drinks and John gets ready to light a ciggy.
What is that???
  Adam wonders about the green stuff in the bowl while Michele offers some  tongue.
Drew and Gwenny Michael and Patsy
More Michael and Patsy
The three bitches
John and Patsy love each other
John and Patsy pose
Even the Anipals had a great time.

"I am a sexy bitch..."
  Adam gives us his "I'm damn sexy" look.  Michele plays with Patsy. I have my Cosmo and Eric tries to blend in to the background.

Michael tries to take a picture, this is the result...
Menage-a-trois anyone?
Michael shows us his IQ
Michael offers us some tongue
A bad combination of things - a camera, alcohol and a group of people.
Conversation happens
  Adam tells it to Michele while John and Eric listen intently.
This picture defies an explanation.
John and Adam
Say "Cheese!" That would be cheese as in cheesey grin.
  Michele is horrified that someone is taking another photo. She almost looks  like that gay diva icon Bette Midler in this photo.
The Yuengling is in the fridge
Still in the kitchen
Three "ladies" in the kitchen
A good stiff Cosmo
Kitchen Capers
Out on the deck...
Micahel and Drew
Deck Delights
Michael and Drew
Where *exactly* is that camera?

The End
After this shot, the quality of the images got worse. For future reference, I will be saving them and using them as blackmail material in the future.

The End

© Copyrighted 24 June 2001 by A. J. Marshall