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Drew's Pics From Krums' 2002/2003 New Year's Eve Bash

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"Group" Photo  
Pretty much a shot of the dining room - nothing to see here, move along...

The Kitchen Bitches

Drinkin' in the kitchen with Matty T...
More of the kitchen bitches
Someone obviously had a swig of whatever is in that shaker.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2003!!!
Drunken Dancing

Matty, he doesn't have tits so I don't know what you are rubbing your face in....
Drunken Dancing

Not even going to go where this one looks like it is...
Drunk Buddies
The drunkest of pals...
Feeding Time
Feeding time for the natives.

Foody Foods

Mr Christmas Tree

Two photos of the festive party palace

No party is complete without a Super Model, we were blessed with a visit from Matty Buzz

Super Model....Work it!
"I'm sssssuper and thanksss for asking"

"Jamie, I *love* your's so warm!"

Watch out Willard Scott
Watch out Williard Scott, here comes Matty Buzz.

Not to be outdone, we also had the famous model Buzzed Matty...Or is it Passedout Matty?

What more is there to say? He's out for the count with one shoe on and one shoe off .

Unfortunately, the evening was not crime free. The notorious "Evil Cat in The Hat" showed up.

Something evil this way comes

Jamie grabs a feel of the Supermodel’s ASSetts.


Hanging in the basement like underage drinkers…


Yawn! Is this party almost over? It is almost 01.30 Hours…




Happy (drunk?) gay couples…




The Thong….Errr….End!



Copyrighted and all rights reserved AJM 02 January 2003