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E. Wynfield Gross' Pennsylvania Railroad in HO scale

E. Wynfield's HO version of the PRR was started in 1961. The railroad features a doubletrack mainline with a mixture of code 100 brass and nickel silver rail and very accurate PRR interlockings. The railroad is powered with conventional DC and operates with car cards and switchlists to handle the car movements. To prove the old adage that a model railroad is never complete, E. Wynfield recently added a branchline and staging yard in his laundry/furnace room area utilizing code 83 nickel silver track.

The main freight yard
This is the main freight yard on the railroad. The passenger terminal is off to the left and the engine terminal is on the right.
Train at "Wall" interlocking. An SD40 leads an RS3 on a mixed freight at "Wall" interlocking. The railroad cuts through an opening in the steps at "Wall", a tread and riser are visible on the left.
Two trains pass on the bridge.
The freight we saw at "Wall" crosses the duckunder bridge to the laundry area staging yard and branchline. There is a coal mining area above the tunnel the freight is exiting.
The freight again
The freight we saw on the bridge and at "Wall" prepares to climb the grade.
The local passenger train makes a station stop. The local passenger train makes a station stop .
The freight and passenger meet.
The local passenger train departs the station and drops down the grade. The freight we have been following slowly grinds its way upgrade.
The freight crosses another bridge.
The freight reaches the crest of the grade as it crosses a bridge.
Another passenger train.
A passenger train pulled by a pair of E units effortlessly tackles the grade.